Kit + Scott’s Bradenton Beach, FL Destination Wedding

Kit and Scott had a colorful wedding in Bradenton Beach, Florida, which has some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. They hired me because they loved my landscape photography and they really wanted to showcase the skyline in their wedding pictures. MaryKate and I got to Bradenton Beach a couple of days before the wedding and we were blown away by how beautiful it was. The weather was perfect! Unfortunately it began pouring rain all day on the day of the wedding. Kit and Scott handled it so well and luckily just before the ceremony took place it magically stopped raining! Everyone rushed to set up the chairs and the ceremony decor outside on the beach. I know they were so relieved to be able to get married outside. The sunset was not exactly what they had been used to seeing, but we still got a bit of pink in the skyline before the sun went down.

I turned out to be one of our most memorable weddings – complete with a luau! They may not have gotten the epic sunset they had been hoping for, but their love for one another was obvious and everyone had a great time!