This year we had Thanksgiving at “The Farm.”  The barn was freshly built by the Amish a few months prior and we broke it in with my wedding. It’s a large space Stan uses to teach his pastel workshops and it’s used as a photography studio sparingly, too. Next sensible thing to do is have Thanksgiving there. Now, contrary to popular belief I don’t take my camera everywhere and when I do I don’t always take pictures. Especially at family functions.

But I got a new manual focus 35 and the farm is beautiful, so why not.


So, we ran a 300 ft. coaxial cable to the barn. Supposedly you can run standard definition 1,000 ft and HD around 300 ft on a decent cable. It was $17.98 for 300 ft and 2 ends. I might need to do this more often, I could get really creative.



Full Gallery here:


Happy Thanksgiving.

What is this, a new blog?

My old blog sucked, so I had the guys at Fastline Media (Same people who did my site, an awesome job BTW) hook me up with a new blog.  I will only update this one now, so going to the old one might be less than fruitful. Anyway, I’m going to be posting often about new projects, tutorials, cool photography news, and I’ll be taking questions from other photographers and posting the answers weekly. I’m thinking tutorials on all things photography on Tuesdays (Tutorial Tuesdays), and Q&A on Thursdays. I couldn’t think of anything clever for Thursday, so its just going to be Thirsty Thursdays because I like it. Maybe I can run with the “thirst for knowledge”? Please use the contact form for questions.


Stay tuned.


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