This year we had Thanksgiving at “The Farm.”  The barn was freshly built by the Amish a few months prior and we broke it in with my wedding. It’s a large space Stan uses to teach his pastel workshops and it’s used as a photography studio sparingly, too. Next sensible thing to do is have Thanksgiving there. Now, contrary to popular belief I don’t take my camera everywhere and when I do I don’t always take pictures. Especially at family functions.

But I got a new manual focus 35 and the farm is beautiful, so why not.


So, we ran a 300 ft. coaxial cable to the barn. Supposedly you can run standard definition 1,000 ft and HD around 300 ft on a decent cable. It was $17.98 for 300 ft and 2 ends. I might need to do this more often, I could get really creative.



Full Gallery here:


Happy Thanksgiving.