Sarah + Ed Engagement | Christmas Tree Farm Engagement Photography

I’m going to start off by saying when I shoot couples, usually I try to give people just enough instruction to look good. I tell people what to do to look good and what not to do and I can pose people, but I like to leave couples alone. We might be outside for the exact reason of shooting them, but I want genuine interaction between the two to show in the photos. I want it to look like a behind the scenes of a fun filled day with the couple, not like prom formals in a field. Although that would be kinda funny. Most of the time I need to tell people to go to extremes to get the effect I want. If I want a fun energetic hug, I tell the guy to tackle the girl. Normally the guy won’t bring the girl to the ground, and he will just squeeze her real hard and they will laugh. It looks great. This time though, I had to be a bit more literal. When I said tackle her, I got an immediate take-down and full out wrestling match in the dirt. It was awesome. If I said squeeze her from behind, I got a chokehold. Again, awesome. Meet Sarah and Ed. We  got some wrestling in,  got to swing around a maul, wrapped each other up with Xmas lights, and froze our asses off. A great day. I couldn’t be more pumped to shoot their wedding!

Like I said.








Bring out the maul.

Something I like to do with all my couples for engagement sessions and weddings is get them alone for a few shots. One, a lot of people don’t have good shots of themselves without someone else in the picture. Two, a lot of people want small pictures on their desks with just their partner, not with them in it also. Three, and most importantly, it’s always a lot of fun.



Now we couldn’t have a Christmas Tree Farm theme without some lights. But there is no power in the middle of the field. No biggie. I have a DC to AC power converter in my car so I can run lights out of it. It’s not as easy to do Xmas lights as you may think, because if you don’t do it right it looks cliche. It’s a very popular thing these days, so you can’t just wrap it around them and call it a day.





Now moving onto some signature Mike Sperlak Photography night shots. Most people as the sun sets call it a day, I however love the night as it opens so many possibilities  Call me a nerd but I love setting up lights in weird places and trying to get some long exposures or light painting in. Happily they were down.