Amy + Patrick’s Wedding

All I can say is this was one of the craziest, most fun weddings I’ve shot all year. I’ll let the pics do the talking:



_MG_2217 _MG_2271 _MG_2311 IMG_9087 IMG_9105 _MG_2351 IMG_9135 IMG_6656 _MG_2373 IMG_6684 _MG_2400 IMG_6694 IMG_6710 _MG_8674 _MG_2434 _MG_8705 _MG_8746 _MG_8754 _MG_2467 _MG_2449 _MG_2481 _MG_2491 _MG_2503 _MG_8792 _MG_8838 _MG_8866 IMG_9416 _MG_8898 IMG_6803 _MG_8926 IMG_9446 IMG_6950 _MG_8959 _MG_2640 IMG_7010 _MG_8995 _MG_2714 _MG_9020 _MG_2730 _MG_2742 _MG_2752 _MG_2761 _MG_2778 IMG_7098 _MG_2813 _MG_2831 _MG_9125 IMG_9690 _MG_2881 _MG_9207 IMG_7150 IMG_9812 _MG_3005 _MG_3028 IMG_7229 _MG_3041 IMG_7246 _MG_3095 IMG_7346 IMG_7354 _MG_9190 IMG_7431 _MG_3283 IMG_7528 IMG_7566 _MG_9287 IMG_7643 _MG_9454 _MG_3562 _MG_9635 _MG_3663 _MG_3741 _MG_3761 _MG_3782 _MG_3582 IMG_7823