Jennifer + Joal Longport Beach Engagement Session

I do have an underwater housing for my camera, and if you ask if we can use it for a session the answer is always going to be “OMG YYEEESSS”

Check out the full shoot here: Full Gallery


_MG_7913 _MG_7908 _MG_7965 _MG_7989 _MG_7998 _MG_8041 _MG_8024 _MG_8056 _MG_8104 _MG_8123 _MG_8145 _MG_8165 _MG_8183 _MG_8193 _MG_8205 _MG_8236 _MG_8240 _MG_8290 _MG_8304 _MG_8403 _MG_8478 _MG_8492 IMG_9161 IMG_9181 IMG_9228 IMG_9247

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  • Karen Klocko

    Fun photos of a fun couple but I suspect the photographer had the most fun!! Great job again, Mike!