Mary + Dominic Cape May Engagement Shoot

Been traveling a lot lately for weddings and other shoots, but its nice to shoot in your “backyard” once in a while. ┬áHad a great time strolling the streets with Mary and Dominic.

_MG_1424 _MG_1467 _MG_1525 _MG_1537 _MG_1588 _MG_1575 _MG_1593 _MG_1601 _MG_1637 _MG_1653 _MG_1666 _MG_1680 _MG_1689 IMG_0757 _MG_1713 _MG_1729 _MG_1758 _MG_1774 _MG_1796 _MG_1812 _MG_1854 _MG_1895 _MG_1926


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