Stephanie + Dan Lucien’s Berlin Wedding

Normally, everyone needs a bit of guidance in posing for wedding pictures. Sometimes you have couples who are really good on their own and don’t need much help. Then you have Steph and Dan who are so madly in love, everything they do together is pure photographic gold.

And if that happens, you don’t say s***, so you don’t screw it up.


IMG_3509 IMG_3594 _MG_1878 IMG_3657 _MG_1897 _MG_1923 _MG_1935 _MG_1992 IMG_9848 IMG_9881 IMG_9977 IMG_0053 IMG_0167 IMG_0218 IMG_0274 IMG_3781 IMG_0337 _MG_2162 IMG_3856 _MG_2197 _MG_2247 IMG_3902 IMG_0414 _MG_2335 _MG_2436 _MG_2473 _MG_2491 _MG_2521 IMG_0483 _MG_2569 _MG_0059 _MG_2643 _MG_0118 _MG_0131 IMG_4154 _MG_2744 IMG_4225 _MG_0206 _MG_0251 IMG_0745 IMG_0789 _MG_2939 _MG_2987 IMG_4347 _MG_3068 _MG_3036 IMG_4414 _MG_3130 IMG_4706 _MG_3232 _MG_3261 _MG_3330 _MG_3357 _MG_3336 _MG_3471 _MG_3535 _MG_0418 IMG_4872 _MG_3589 IMG_4915 IMG_4944 _MG_3711 _MG_3794 IMG_5214 _MG_0889