Gretchen + Jon’s Windrift beach Wedding


So I still have shoots and weddings I haven’t blogged from last year…. Check out Gretchen + Jon’s beach wedding from last fall- 

IMG_1971 _MG_1970 _MG_1997 _MG_2008 _MG_2022 _MG_2046 _MG_2059 IMG_5038 _MG_2912A IMG_2044 IMG_2240 IMG_5066 _MG_2942A _MG_2915 _MG_2974 _MG_3000 _MG_3028 _MG_3036 IMG_5114 _MG_3087 IMG_5123 _MG_3116 _MG_3165 _MG_3172 _MG_3251 _MG_3271 _MG_2944A IMG_5259 _MG_3397 _MG_3501 _MG_3503 IMG_5381 _MG_3544 IMG_2585 _MG_3129A _MG_3141A _MG_3615 IMG_2650 _MG_3628 _MG_3686 _MG_3332 _MG_3221A IMG_5506 _MG_3227A IMG_5585 _MG_3368A _MG_3885A _MG_3910A _MG_3566A _MG_3766 IMG_6033 _MG_3538A _MG_3926 _MG_3938 _MG_4034 _MG_4213A _MG_4258 _MG_4280 _MG_4306

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