Say WHAT?!?!?!?!

Sometimes, I have a really hard time deciding between black and white versions and color versions of an image.  I used to struggle when editing engagement sessions and weddings and go back and forth figuring out which images I would make black and white.  The truth is that most images look great in color and black in white! It just adds a little something extra.  So instead of only providing a limited number of black and white photos, I said screw it, I’m editing every image in black and white and white too! That means that for every engagement session and wedding, I give my clients every single one of their final images in color AND in black and white for the basic package price! You’re probably all like “for real?”… and I’m like “Straight up. For real!”

Now let’s celebrate by checkin out these sweet black and white pictures.

2015-03-06_0018 2015-03-06_0019 2015-03-06_0020 2015-03-06_0021 2015-03-06_0022 2015-03-06_0023 2015-03-06_0024 2015-03-06_0025 2015-03-06_0026 2015-03-06_0027 2015-03-06_0028 2015-03-06_0029 2015-03-06_0030 2015-03-06_0031 2015-03-06_0032 2015-03-06_0033 2015-03-06_0034 2015-03-06_0035

Big News!


So a couple of you know this already, and if you checked out my site after I changed it recently you’d know, (but I haven’t formally announced it yet) In January I’m opening A NEW OFFICE IN MARYLAND!!! I’m still serving South Jersey/ Philadelphia area (Don’t worry!!), but I’ll also be serving the Maryland and Northern Virginia markets too!

So 2014/2015 brides, Whats up!?! Spread the word!


What is this, a new blog?

My old blog sucked, so I had the guys at Fastline Media (Same people who did my site, an awesome job BTW) hook me up with a new blog.  I will only update this one now, so going to the old one might be less than fruitful. Anyway, I’m going to be posting often about new projects, tutorials, cool photography news, and I’ll be taking questions from other photographers and posting the answers weekly. I’m thinking tutorials on all things photography on Tuesdays (Tutorial Tuesdays), and Q&A on Thursdays. I couldn’t think of anything clever for Thursday, so its just going to be Thirsty Thursdays because I like it. Maybe I can run with the “thirst for knowledge”? Please use the contact form for questions.


Stay tuned.


Early Morning