Sips | Cardamom Rose Cocktail

I’m thinking for a while about my blog. Sometimes it feels like an after-thought, sometimes it’s just a little jumbled. Although I’m not much into having a full on “lifestyle” blog, I want to share a bit of my life, and other really, really cool stuff with you. So I thought to myself, what’s the best way to do this? And then it hit me.


It’s through what I’m sippin’.


Every week I’ll be back talking about something that may or may not be photography related, but there always will be a rockin’ cocktail/drink/beer/wine. This idea partially came about from my (awesome) wife, MaryKate, who is always making really tasty cocktails. This is one she’s been dying to make for a while.

Rose, cardamom, grapefruit, lemon, and gin are the main flavors in this concoction. The key to this cocktail though, is using Peychaud’s bitters, and using Hendrick’s gin. The Peychaud’s bitters are a more floral, lighter bitter that complements the Hendricks really well. And the word “Peychaud” is just really fun to say too. Just say it. Out loud. Fun, wasn’t it? If you want the recipe, here’s the link: MaryKate recommends making your own rose simple syrup, because store bought simple syrups are “the worst.”

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