It’s been a busy day here today. Not only did I get my new blog up and running, but it seems we have received some reinforcements. A 5D MKII and some new lenses showed up at the front (back) door. Check it out:

A lot of us know what the MKII is all about (I have two now) but what are those other lenses? Lately I’ve been shooting in manual focus. I personally think “Focus-Recompose” destroys your creative juices because you have to start each photo in the same place. I also don’t trust Auto-Focus. So all of my primes I’ve been shooting in MF. the first from left is a Zeiss 85 1.4. An awesome piece of glass, to go from infinity to closest focus is almost an entire 360 around the barrel, so it’s easy to walk in focus. The next is a Rokinon 35 1.4. I was skeptical at first, with it not being a brand name and having manual aperture control, but I read good things about how nice it is wide open. So I took a chance and got, considering I’m only going to shoot it wide open anyway. Seems awesome so far. Here are some images, only slight expsoure and white balance adjustments have been made.

Zeiss 85 1.4
Rokinon 35 1.4

 Full reviews coming up for both of them. And I’m making a promise here and now, when I put up photos from now on for reviews/tutorials/boredom, they aren’t going to be super boring. I’ve read enough reviews where the guy reviewing takes pictures of brick walls.

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  1. I checked Zeiss out with my Nikon and wasn’t that excited, $1200 is too much for manual lens and average quality. I like the whole idea of making reviews, waiting for more!

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