Sarah + Ed’s Stone Harbor Beach Wedding

Sometimes when you have a wedding you have to just go with our gut. The forecast was looking bleak all week and it looked like a wash for the beach wedding. Then on Saturday… still a chance, a big chance, of heavy rain. We looked outside at the clouds and came to the conclusion….




We are doing this outside. And it was perfect. And as soon as we got to the reception, the sky opened up and poured.

-Make sure to check out ALL the pictures here: Sarah and Ed Full Gallery And make sure you check out the photobooth pictures too: Photobooth Pics!

This is super-awesome. Yes, this is a flask attached to the garter.

Almost every formal picture we took was of them kissing, I think thats a good omen.

This cake cutting deserves it’s own blog post (which it is getting next week)

4 thoughts on “Sarah + Ed’s Stone Harbor Beach Wedding

  1. Im actually speechless mike…these are stunning! like im totally wowed…i know you are talented…but you really outdid yourself here!

  2. I can not stop looking at all these pictures! They are absolutely wonderful and I couldn’t ask for anything better. Thank you so much!

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