Sips | World Cup Edition | Caipirinha

It’s just minutes before the USA vs Germany game, and luckily both my wife and I work from home so we have the luxury of watching the game without the worry of getting caught by our boss! We just whipped up a pitcher of our new favorite cocktail (yes, afternoon [morning?} drinking!!), the Caipirinha, the national cocktail of Brazil.  The alcohol used to make them is Brazilian rum called cachaça.  What makes cachaça different from the rum we are used to is that it is made from sugar cane rather than molasses.  Caipirinhas happen to be one of the most delicious and EASIEST drinks to make since it only has 3 ingredients.  For one drink, quarter half a lime, add 3 tsps superfine sugar and muddle (check out our fancy ice cream scoop muddler lolz). Next, pour in about 2 shots of cachaça (Leblon is our favorite), add ice and stir it on up! Boom! Just like that you can pretend you’re watching the game in Brazil, instead of leaning over the cubicle to catch a glimpse on your co-workers iPad! If you are at work, I recommend making it in a coffee mug so it’s easier to hide. GO USA!

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